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Dr. Shveta Jones

The Journey

Shveta Jones spent the majority of her childhood in her native country of India before moving to Connecticut at age 15 to live with her aunt and attend school. Her aunt eventually retired to Sedona, Arizona, which is how Shveta found her way to the Grand Canyon State. Inspired by her paternal grandfather’s successful rehab following a stroke, Shveta began volunteering at a physical therapy clinic shortly after moving to the US. She was intrigued enough to pursue PT as a career path in college at Northern Arizona University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in exercise science (with a minor in physical sciences) in 2000. She went on to earn a doctorate in physical therapy from NAU in 2004.

The Passion

As an orthopedics and sports medicine specialist, Shveta enjoys not only helping her patients get back to doing the things they love, but also giving them a whole new awareness and recognition of how to use their bodies.

The Drive

When she’s not helping her patients live better, more active lives, Shveta enjoys hiking, running, working out, reading, watching movies, and spending time with her dog and husband.

Shveta’s Mission

Like most physical therapists, Shveta Jones originally got into the PT field because she wanted to help people. What she found after nearly 15 years of practice, though, was that most therapy organizations operated under a volume-driven practice model—one that forced her to see multiple patients per hour. That meant she only had 10 to 20 minutes with each patient before she handed them off to support staff. “The patients would perform their exercises independently for the most part, and I was not able to provide them with appropriate corrections or cues—or even monitor their exercises—because I was working on my next patient,” she says.

Burned out on this assembly-line mode of care delivery, Shveta began exploring the idea of opening her own practice. “I decided that if I was going to open my own practice, I was going to make sure that I could see my patients on a one-on-one basis,” she says.

She spent a year or so researching this sort of practice model and seeking guidance from her professional mentor, fellow PT colleagues, and successful business owners. Ultimately, she decided that going fully out of network would allow her the kind of treatment freedom that she—and so many PT patients—craved. Shveta’s dream became a reality on July 9, 2018, when she officially opened Strive Physical Therapy in Chandler, Arizona.

A Team That Strives Together

Our team is committed to your care and we believe that expertise matters.  Our Strive PT AZ team are highly educated in physical therapy and physical training practices that are all individualized for results that are centered per individual. When you see a member of our Strive team,  you see them for the entire visit, on mission, one point of contact.   



Doctor of Physical Therapy

Shannon was born and raised in the Seattle, Washington area. Shannon was heavily involved in a variety of athletics where she sustained a major knee injury and discovered physical therapy. She attended University of Arizona where she obtained a B.S. in Exercise and Sports Science then University of Miami for a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy.

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She returned to Arizona and has been practicing outpatient orthopedic physical therapy in the east valley since 2000. Shannon has great interest in manual therapy including myofascial release, trigger point release, dry needling, visceral manipulation and cupping. She has been certified in BFR training.

Shannon enjoys spending time with her friends and family outdoors. She loves her animals, traveling, working out at the gym and meeting all of the amazing people along the way..



Personal Trainer

Caleb has been working in the fitness industry for over 5 years. In 2015, he graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Exercise Science and shortly after got certified as a  Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine, with a specialty in Exercise Physiology. He  began working as a Health Fitness Specialist for corporate gyms around the valley, and then became a Head Trainer at a local gym.  

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Through his own personal experiences, he discovered his passion for showing people proper form/technique, and how building strength, endurance, and stability can help them do the things they love to do. Through continuing education, he became certified as a Corrective Exercise Specialist in 2019, and now works at Strive PT with people to help them exercise without pain so that they can feel their best in a workout and in their lives!.



Personal Trainer

Kellie Roman is a Master Instructor and Certified Personal Trainer for the National Academy of Sports Medicine -NASM.  In addition to her own personal training business, Kellie leads training workshops for NASM and is an online Mentor for their Guided Study course.  Kellie has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years and believes in training being both fun and injury free.  

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Her mission when working with clients is to help them build a solid foundation by addressing any muscle compensations, stabilizing and strengthening their core and thereby helping them achieve their fitness goals.  She has trained a variety of clients including men and women interested in weight loss, youth athletes, pre- and post-natal as well as seniors.  Kellie graduated from Columbia University with a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology.  She also holds a variety of NASM specializations which she utilizes to trainer her clients – Corrective Exercise, Performance Enhancement, Behavior Change and Weight Loss Specialization.  Kellie is currently working on the NASM Nutrition Certification.  In her spare time, Kellie enjoys mountain biking, hiking and volunteering at the county animal shelter.  In fact, both her Staffordshire Terriers are from that very shelter.

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